Home automation is a system by which you can control many different parts of your home using technology, with the ability to pre-program set procedure to happen every day, or as you require.

      There are a number of different appliances that can be connected to a home automation system. Lighting, Air conditioning, Security systems, Irrigation systems and Fire Alarm System. Consequently, these can then be controlled by the installed control unit HMI but also have the option of being controlled by Smartphone from anywhere around the world.

     There are numerous advantages to installing home automation into an existing home or incorporating it into the design of a new home. Most of all a home automation system will provide you with convenience and security, not to mention the envy of all your friends.

       Imagine arriving home from work at night, the curtains are all closed, the lights in the Home Automationkitchen and living room are on and it’s all cool and comfort because your air conditioning system has been programmed to turn on an hour before you arrive home!. Lights will be turned on automatically when you enter room, kitchen or washroom. You won't need to turn on your water pump regularly, the system will do it for you.  Any number of electronic devices can be programmed to automatically turn on at a certain time, it can be set up to meet your own personal requirements. You can even create settings for certain activities. For example a setting for when you are entertaining guests......the lights are dimmed, the television is off, the music is on, the phone is silent and the temperature to 25  c degrees! With settings like this, you can be ready to entertain at the click of a button.

         Home automation also provides a higher level of security. This can be in terms of both safety from intruders and events such as fires. A home security system can be programmed to alert you no matter where you are if an intruder is detected. If a fire started the system could wake you, shut down your home ventilation system to prevent the fire spreading and alert the fire department. When away for a period of time, it could be programmed to turn on the TV or radio, turn on lights in different rooms at different times, all to give the appearance of a living in the home rather than a vacant one.

       A home automation system can also provide energy savings. This can be achieved by setting the curtains to close at a certain time in the evening to retain the heat provided from the sun during the day, to regulating the use of lights, appliances and irrigation systems.

      To get all of your hardware and wirings installed correctly and to gain the most benefits from the system you have selected it would be advisable to have it installed by an experienced electrician. ORZONE Engineering has electricians nationwide trained to install your home system to best meet your requirements for both new and existing homes.

home automation

Services we provide include:

  • Automated control of lighting
  • Integration with alarm, intercom, and CCTV systems
  • Centralized control of items such as pools, irrigation and security gates
  • Power usage monitoring and analysis
  • Control of your home via system HMI, PC, Smartphone or tablet