SCADA system automation BMS

      SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) monitors and controls industry and manufacturing processes and equipment.  Consequently, several subsystems combine to form the entire SCADA system.

      HMI (Human Machine Interface) can present data to human operators and can monitor and control processes. Data acquisition is enabled through sensors or sensors located throughout the facility. In addition, to relay data from remotely located sensors, different hardware and software systems communicate data to the HMI utilizing various open communication protocols such as OPC/MODBUS.

       OPC, BACnet, and MODBUS, widely accepted open communication standards are using for communicating various hardware and software with each other. ORZONE  Engineering's solution provides a complete display of operations such as excitement, trends, reports, and alarms of 3D graphics. In addition, the ORZONE solution is scalable to meet the needs of current and future operations. Probably it installs in customer applications, monitored from a single location or few hundred watching points. Yet it has no limits.