Commercial Solar Power
Commercial Solar System

Today, solar makes more sense than ever, so what are you waiting for?

Companies are making the move to solar because it’s more affordable than ever and it’s just smart business. Your next best investment will be on commercial solar power.

  • Reduces operating costs 

                   No matter if you are a large or small in operation.  The monthly savings you receive can add significantly to your bottom line and cash flow.

  • Return on investment 

                   Decreased energy bills, selection of suitable schemes offered by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)/Lanka Electricity Company (LECO), such as Net-                               metering, Net-Accounting, accelerate your rate of return.

  • Worry-free operation and maintenance 

                  ORZONE Engineering’s extremely reliable solar panels have no moving parts. As a result, it requires virtually no maintenance, so you can just sit back and                    enjoy your savings.

  • It’s good to go green

                 Customers are increasingly supportive of businesses that are environmentally responsible. It’s great for your image,  furthermore is great for the planet.                         consequently, it’s a win-win situation.

  • Financing options available 

                  Financing options can create a cash-positive project from day one. Talk to our sales team about the multiple ways you finance our your system.

Your business will also receive substantial green credentials which will appeal to the increasing number of environmentally conscious bulk energy consume consumers. We have developed key relationships and maintain ongoing contacts with businesses across Sri Lanka in a range of sectors including: retail, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, and engineering.Commercial Solar power. jlanka genso surya bala sangramaya